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Education on BuzcastTV Education

Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics 31

Today, Craig is going to wrap up our discussion of discrimination by looking more closely at those “discrete and insular minorities” referenced in the 14th Amendment. We’ll talk about instances of discrimination of Asian, European, and Latino immigrants, Native Americans, non-English speakers, people with disabilities, and LGBT people. We’ll also talk about federal and state responses to this discrimination. It’s a lot to cover, and we’ll only scratch the surface of the battles these groups fought (and are still fighting) for equality, but we will give you some historical context for the discrimination that has occurred and the court decisioned made to help defend these groups. Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: Support is provided by Voqal: All attributed images are licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - Twitter - Tumblr - Support Crash Course on Patreon: CC Kids:

Reality-TV on BuzcastTV Reality-TV

Extreme Couponing- Couponing with Daddy

Extreme Couponing- Couponing with Daddy Watch Extreme Couponing Wednesdays @ 9pm | For more, visit | Amber's adorable little girl helps her husband cut and organize coupons while she's at work. From: TLC Views: 20833 51 ratings Time: 01:04 More in Entertainment

Music-Hub on BuzcastTV Music-Hub

Michael Angelo Batio - Sweep Picking 101 - Part 6 - Outlining Chord Progressions

Michael Angelo Batio teaches you how to use sweep picking, with and without tapping, to outline chord progressions. For the full tabs, go to:

Rock-Music on BuzcastTV Rock-Music

Struck by lightning (Music Video Teaser) - Ralana

Pop-Hit-Music on BuzcastTV Pop-Hit-Music

Skyfri - Dumdum Boys

Food on BuzcastTV Food

Minions Twinkie Treats! Despicable Me MINION NO BAKE Party Snacks | My Cupcake Addiction

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Today I made MINIONS Twinkies! No baking, super cute and filled with Twinkie goodness! FOLLOW ME ON: FACEBOOK for quick vids, posted daily: INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks and the best sweet pics: TWITTER - because nobody else does: PINTEREST to save & pin my stuff: My PERSONAL FACEBOOK Strictly for Selfies: www.mycupcakeaddiction.com

Art on BuzcastTV Art

Construction of Shoes - Stiletto

Do you know the name for each part of a stiletto? Watch this animation to find out.

Photography on BuzcastTV Photography

Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography ( Fill Flash & Diffusers)

Learn how to take gorgeous outdoor portraits with any camera, whether your working with a model or your family. We'll show you how to use natural light, how to add light from a flash or speedlight, and how to use an inexpensive diffuser to make soft, flattering light in any conditions. Tony shows you all the camera settings you need and Chelsea teaches you everything about posing. Want to try the flash bender from the video? Visit SDP.io/flashbender

Baseball on BuzcastTV Baseball

Bryce Harper reacts to the incident at the plate between Papelbon and Machado

Bryce Harper tells the media he's expecting to be hit in the series finale against the Orioles. More:

Sports-Channel on BuzcastTV Sports-Channel

In Flight access - JETS DL Douzable en route to London - PROcast

The New York Jets are headed to London. DL Leger Douzable checks in during the flight and previews the game vs the Miami Dolphins


Magnificent Black Bedrooms | Decorating with Black

Follow us on: Music: Remember Follow us on GOOGLE PLUS: Follow us on PINTEREST: Follow us on TWITTER: Check us out on FACEBOOK: Room, Rooms, Bedroom, Bedrooms, Black, Colour, Colours, Paint, Black Colour, Black Bedroom, Black Bedrooms, Wall, Walls, Black Wall, Black Walls, Design, Idea, Ideas, Design Idea, Design Ideas, Interior Design, Decorating, Interior Decorating, Magnificent, Monochromatic

Video-Games on BuzcastTV Video-Games

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection - Train Wreck Sequence (PS4)

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Auto-Racing on BuzcastTV Auto-Racing

Busch: 'It wasn't what we wanted'

Kyle Busch talks about how his 11th place finish in the Pure Michigan 400 is not what he wanted but doesn't take away his confidence in JGR and the No. 18 team.

Muscle-Cars on BuzcastTV Muscle-Cars

1973 Dodge Challenger For Sale

Click now for an instant download on "How to Avoid the 7 Deadliest Mistakes of Buying a Classic Car Online"! To see over 100 pictures of this car visit 1973 Dodge Challenger VIN JH23G3B330839 Mechanics Upgraded 340ci V8 Engine 904 Automatic Transmission 489 Case Posi-Traction Rear End with 3.75:1 Gear Ratio Power Steering Power Front Disc Brakes Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake Edelbrock Carb Dual Exhaust Air Shocks Stock Distributor Brand New Gas Tank Body R/T Hood With Stripe Package Black Vinyl Top is in Excellent Condition Go Wing Spoiler Straight Paint Job Stripes are Painted on the Hood Side Stripes are Stickers Chrome and Stainless are Beautiful Doors Fit and Operate Properly Door Lips and Jambs are Clean and Solid Bushings are in Good Shape Flip Up Gas Cap Original Undercoating Clean and Solid Undercarriage Frame is Solid Spring Mounts are in Good Shape Back Side of The Rockers are Solid BF Goodrich Radial Tires - 235/60/14 Front, 275/60/15 Rear Rally Wheels Interior Beautiful Blue Interior Bucket Seats with Console Grant Leather Steering Wheel Alpine Stereo with Alarm Speedometer Working Great Looking Door Panels Beautiful Dash Pad Seats are in Great Shape Headliner Looks Awesome New Carpet and Floor Mats VIN & Fender Tag Decoding VIN Decoding: JH23 = Dodge Challenger Hardtop G = 318 1-2 BBL 3 = 1973 B = Hamtramck, MI Assembly Plant 330839 = Serial Number Fender Tag Decoding: Row 1: E44 = 318 1-2BBL (150 HP) D34 = Std Duty 904 3-Speed Automatic Torqueflite Transmission JH23 = Dodge Challenger Hardtop G = 318 1-2 BBL 3 = 1973 B = Hamtramck, MI Assembly Plant 330839 = Serial Number Row 2: TB3 = Super Blue (Corporate Blue/Petty Blue) Body Paint A6B5 = A Class Trim Grade, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Medium Blue 000 = Full Door Panel 119 = January 19, 1973 Schedule Production Date 112849 = Vehicle Order Number Row 3: V1W = White Full Vinyl Roof U = U.S. Build Specs B41 = Power Front Disc Brakes/Drum Rear Brakes C16 = Console C56 = Bucket Seats G37 = Left Hand Remote/Right Hand Manual Outside Chrome Mirror Row 4: J52 = Hood Release Instrument Panel Mounted L25 = Trunk Compartment Light L31 = Turn Signal Light Fender Mounted M21 = Drip Rail Moldings M25 = Body Sill Moldings N95 = Emission Control System - ECS Row 5: R35 = AM/FM/MX –Stereo Radio V5X = Body Side Protective Molding w/Black Vinyl Insert EN2 = End of Codes on Assembly Line 2 Don't Miss Out! Call Tom 7 Days a Week at 248-974-9513! tom@vanguardmotorsales.com

Fishing on BuzcastTV Fishing

Pacific Ocean Adventures

We are on our favorite fishing machine again exploring the far off reaches of the South Pacific Ocean where we find thousands of yellowfin tuna that we take on with light tackle. The light tackle is also used on the king of all the big game fish; the broadbill swordfish.

90s-Music on BuzcastTV 90s-Music

Closing Time - Leonard Cohen

Christian-Gospel on BuzcastTV Christian-Gospel

Count On Me - CeCe Winans, Whitney Houston

Brit-Rock-Music on BuzcastTV Brit-Rock-Music

The Roller (Live on Letterman) - Beady Eye

Celtic-Music on BuzcastTV Celtic-Music

Ayer La Vi - Angel Y Khriz

Inspirational-Pop on BuzcastTV Inspirational-Pop

In The Morning - Mary Mary

Karaoke-Music on BuzcastTV Karaoke-Music

Michelle Wright - One Good Man (Karaoke)

"Text Me In The Morning" FREE DOWNLOAD ? or stream AD-FREE ? Throw a karaoke party with ? Words and Music Mixed and mastered at SoKnox Studios in Knoxville, TN for DigiTrax Entertainment. Executive producer: Joseph Vangieri (865) 312-7762

80s-Music on BuzcastTV 80s-Music

Back In The USSR - Billy Joel

70s-Music on BuzcastTV 70s-Music

Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Audio) - Earth, Wind & Fire

Soul-Music on BuzcastTV Soul-Music

West Coast (Making Of) - Kandace Springs

World-Music on BuzcastTV World-Music

Las Casas de Madera - Lila Downs

Regional-Mexicano on BuzcastTV Regional-Mexicano

El Mono Verde (Audio) - Gerardo Ortiz

South-American-Music on BuzcastTV South-American-Music

Si Tu No Vuelves - Alejandro Fernández

70s-TV-Shows on BuzcastTV 70s-TV-Shows

Sanford And Son - The Stand Ins

Sanford And Son - The Stand Ins From: Sanford And Son All Seasons Views: 14814 31 ratings Time: 24:50 More in Comedy

2000sAndTodayShows on BuzcastTV 2000sAndTodayShows

Peep Show S01E03 P02

Peep Show S01E03 P02 Peep Show season 1 episode 3 part 2/3 From: babyblue8five Views: 257313 404 ratings Time: 08:25 More in People & Blogs

2000sAndTodayKidsTV on BuzcastTV 2000sAndTodayKidsTV

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Season 5, Episode 61 of 81 Community Theater cartoons

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Season 5, Episode 61 of 81 Community Theater cartoons Ron Lynch, Tom Kenny Dr. Katz is set to audition for a play called "Love's Retreat". He practices with Ben, as well as Stan and Julie at the bar. However, at the audition, he gets the giggles and doesn't get the part. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist is an American animated series that originally ran on Comedy Central from May 28, 1995 to December 24, 1999—with a final set of three shelved episodes airing in 2002—starring Jonathan Katz, Jon Benjamin, and Laura Silverman. The show was created by a Burbank, California production company Popular Arts Entertainment (executive producers: Tim Braine, Kevin Meagher, and David Pritchard), with Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder, developed and first made by Popular Arts for HBO Downtown Productions. Boston based Tom Snyder Productions became the hands-on production company, and the episodes were usually produced by Katz and Loren Bouchard. The show was computer animated in a crude, easily recognizable style called Squigglevision (a device Snyder had employed in his educational animation business) in which all persons and animate objects are colored and have constantly squiggling outlines, while most other inanimate objects are static and usually gray in color. The original challenge Popular Arts faced was how to repurpose recorded stand-up comedy material. To do so they based Dr. Katz's patients on stand-up comics for the first several episodes, simply having them recite their stand-up acts. The secondary challenge was how to affordably animate on cable TV at the time. Snyder (a boyhood friend of Braine's) had Squigglevision, an inexpensive means of getting animation on cable, which could not afford traditional animation processes. A partnership between Popular Arts, Tom Snyder Productions and Jonathan Katz was formed and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist was born. The show focused on the title character, Dr. Jonathan Katz, who was voiced by, and visually based on, the comedian of the same name. Dr. Katz was a professional psychotherapist who had famous comedians and actors as patients, usually two per episode. The comedians' therapy sessions generally consisted of them doing their onstage material while Dr. Katz offered insights or simply let them rant. Meanwhile, therapy sessions featuring actors and actresses offered more interpersonal dialogue between Katz and his patient to better suit their predisposition. Dr. Katz is a very laid-back, well-intentioned man who enjoys playing the guitar and spending time at the bar with his friend Stanley and the bartender, Julie. Interspersed with these scenes were scenes involving Dr. Katz's daily life, which included his aimless, childish 24-year-old son, Ben (Jon Benjamin), his uninterested and unhelpful secretary, Laura (Laura Silverman), and his two friends: Stanley (Will LeBow), and the barmaid, Julie, voiced by one of the show's producers, Julianne Shapiro. In later episodes, Todd (Todd Barry), the video store clerk, became a regular character. "dessin anime" "dibujos animados" "قديمكرتون " "آ‏®‹" "آ‏»­" "कार्टून" "kartun" "cartoni animati" "آ‏»­" "kreskَwki" "desene animate" "ىَëüٍôèëüىû" "dibujos animados" "،زأىµظ¹" "Karikatürler" "phim hoạt hىnh" "charges" "¸¸ب­" Zeichentrickfilm tecknad From: andythebeagle Views: 13080 36 ratings Time: 22:19 More in Film & Animation

Weather on BuzcastTV Weather

TORNADO PROBE VIDEO! Deployed in path of monster wedge in Nebraska

TORNADO PROBE VIDEO! Deployed in path of monster wedge in Nebraska Video from our ground-based tornado probe deployed by our armored Yukon "follow vehicle" just before Dominator 3 intercepted! Back GoPro camera on probe with... From: TVNweather Views: 13640 195 ratings Time: 03:24 More in News & Politics

CenturyMedia-1410574099 on BuzcastTV CenturyMedia-1410574099

MONUMENTS - Origin of Escape (Lyric Video)

MONUMENTS - Origin of Escape (Lyric Video) MONUMENTS - Origin of Escape (Lyric Video). Taken from the album "The Amanuensis". Century Media Records 2014. Lyric video by Dave Minall, Cloud Music Typogr... From: Century Media Records Views: 167645 2709 ratings Time: 04:12 More in Music

Bruce-Springsteen on BuzcastTV Bruce-Springsteen

Dream Baby Dream - Bruce Springsteen

Eminem on BuzcastTV Eminem

CXVPHER (Behind The Scenes) - Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf

Nicki-Minaj on BuzcastTV Nicki-Minaj

Bitch I'm Madonna - Madonna

Jay-Z on BuzcastTV Jay-Z

Meiplé Studio Session Exclusive - Robin Thicke

Selena-Gomez on BuzcastTV Selena-Gomez

Naturally (Ralphi Rosario Remix) - Selena Gomez & The Scene

Rihanna on BuzcastTV Rihanna

Unfaithful - Rihanna

Britney-Spears on BuzcastTV Britney-Spears

From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - Britney Spears

Pink on BuzcastTV Pink

Glitter In The Air - P!nk

Lana-Del-Rey on BuzcastTV Lana-Del-Rey

Ride - Lana Del Rey

Kesha on BuzcastTV Kesha

HOT THIS WEEK_ May 31, 2013 - Vevo

Mumford-and-Sons on BuzcastTV Mumford-and-Sons

Little Lion Man (Live On Letterman) - Mumford & Sons

The-Killers on BuzcastTV The-Killers

Brandon, The Battle Born - The Killers

Bob-Dylan on BuzcastTV Bob-Dylan

The Complete Album Collection Vol. One - Bob Dylan

Billy-Joel on BuzcastTV Billy-Joel

Q&A: Impact Of Your High School Teachers? (C.W. Post 1996) - Billy Joel

The-Kooks on BuzcastTV The-Kooks

See Me Now - The Kooks

Queen on BuzcastTV Queen

Grindin' My Whole Life - Hit-Boy

Eric-Church on BuzcastTV Eric-Church

Homeboy (AOL Sessions)    - Eric Church

Joe-Nichols on BuzcastTV Joe-Nichols

Yeah (Lyric Video) - Joe Nichols

Dustin-Lynch on BuzcastTV Dustin-Lynch

Cowboys and Angels (Acoustic) - Dustin Lynch

Nine-Inch-Nails on BuzcastTV Nine-Inch-Nails

Wish (Live) - Nine Inch Nails

Jessie-J on BuzcastTV Jessie-J

It's My Party - Jessie J

Pistol-Annies on BuzcastTV Pistol-Annies

Annie Up Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes - Pistol Annies

Jerrod-Niemann on BuzcastTV Jerrod-Niemann

Donkey (Audio) - Jerrod Niemann

Sarah-Darling on BuzcastTV Sarah-Darling

Blackbird (GAC Version) - Sarah Darling

Queensryche on BuzcastTV Queensryche

Best I Can - Queensryche

Amy-Grant on BuzcastTV Amy-Grant

Say Once More (Radio Edit/Audio) - Amy Grant

Third-Day on BuzcastTV Third-Day

Your Love Oh Lord - Third Day

Britt-Nicole on BuzcastTV Britt-Nicole

Ready or Not [Lyrics] - Britt Nicole

Yoga on BuzcastTV Yoga

Yoga for Stability, Harmony & Balance of the Mountains -Shailaputri Durga -Namaste Yoga 182

Full class info: Subscribe for updates: Shailaputri Durga: Stability, Harmony and Balance of the Mountains The first form of Durga is Shailaputri, which means the daughter of the mountains. (putri = daughter, shaila = mountains). In her first incarnation she lived the life as Shiva's wife and threw herself into the fire as we told the story in epidsode 152 of Namaste Yoga Today we will focus on her second incarnation as also Parvati, wife of Shiva, mother of Ganesha and Kartikeya. This time she is known as the absolute form of Mother Nature and the daughter of the Himalaya. She has a half moon on her forehead and holds a trident in her right hand and a lotus flower in her left hand as she rides Nandi, Shiva's bull. Shailaputri is celebrated on the first day of Navaratri. During this celebration focus is kept on the muladhara chakra/root chakra as this is the starting point for any spiritual discipline but also for the grounding of mountain of Shailaputri. One of the primary mythological functions of Durga is to combat any demons who threaten the stability of the cosmos. For us, this stability can be physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual. Through our yoga practice we practice to find stability, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Nearly all of Durga's myths associate her with the mountains. Usually the Himalayas or the Vindhyas. The Mountains are said to be remote and inaccessible except through heroic efforts and so it is no surprise that our heroine Shailaputri Durga resides in such a place that requires courageous and heroic efforts to habitate. Today, through mountain pose we will come to understand the harmony and balance of Shailaputri Durga and mountain pose/tadasana. Shailaputri Durga not only maintains the balance of cosmic order but of your own personal life as well. Props Needed: Wall, Tennis Ball, Yoga Block, banket Yoga Asanas/Postures: Reclined Mountain Pose, reclined 1/2 moon side bend, reclined ardha chandrasana, Malasana/Garland Pose, Foot series, Chair Pose/Utkatasana, Mountain Pose/Tadasana, Moving Mudra -- Prithivi Mudra with Mudra for protection, Divine Light Invocation (Swami Sivananda Radha), Tree Pose/Vrksasana, Goddess Victory Squat/Utkata Konasana, Wide-legged standing forward fold/Prasarita Padottanasana, Locust/Salabhasana, parivrtta malasana/revolved garland pose, Mantra: Om Hrim Srim Dum Durgayai Namah with the Prithivi Mudra Yoga can help with ailments such as: Arterial hypertension Burns excess fat Nervous weakness Constipation Indigestion Diabetes Bronchitis Dyspepsia Chronic cold & cough Bronchial asthma    Congestion Ailments of back, neck & waist Spondalitis (Spine) Myopia Menstrual Disorders Abdomen & buttocks Arthritis Sciatica pain   Hip Joint Pain Heart Disease Knee,Ankle joint pain Asinophilla Lumbar Pain Rheumatism Relieving flatulence Mental disorders Cervical spondylysis Body stiffness Genital disease Toned liver, pancreas, kidney & bladder Enlarged & congested liver & inactive kidney Urinary disorders High Blood Pressure Low Blood Pressure Acidity Piles Renal Calculi   Appendicitis Headache Pyorrhoea Tonsillitis

Fishing on BuzcastTV

Hanging out with some of Bass Fishing's top YouTube Stars

I fun, Live Q&A from TackleJunky81, Andrew Flair Fishing, Flukemaster, and j0j0barz33. Remember to Subscribe to all of their channels. Sit back and enjoy.

Electronica on BuzcastTV Electronica

Wish - Nine Inch Nails

Underground-Music on BuzcastTV Underground-Music

Halftime - Elzhi

Abandoned-Buildings on BuzcastTV Abandoned-Buildings

Japan grafitti car ?????????? - Abandoned Japan ?????

Japan grafitti car 日本のグラフィティ車 - Abandoned Japan 日本の廃墟 Welcome to Abandoned Japan. My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of Japan's lost and forgotten places with me. I'm available on social media... From: Abandoned Japan Views: 1045 16 ratings Time: 01:32 More in Autos & Vehicles

Cinderella on BuzcastTV Cinderella

Having a Girls Night? Watch Disney's New Movie "Cinderella"

Are you planning on having a girls night soon? Make it the best night ever with Disney's newest live-adaptation "Cinderella". Filled with wonder, love and magic, this is the perfect movie for any girls night! Purchase your copy today on iTunes.

The-News on BuzcastTV The-News

Biden: Love is not political, it's a basic human right

Vice President Joe Biden thanked attendees at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner for their courage to make America "more of what America was meant to be - all men created equal."

World-News on BuzcastTV World-News

Missile Launching: Russian Navy drills in the Baltic Sea

The Russian Baltic fleet’s corvette, ‘Soobrazitelny’, successfully tested out its newly fitted anti-aircraft missiles during drills in the Baltic Sea on Thursday. The rockets of the Redut sea-based guided missile complex reached the simulated rival ship during tactical exercises, during which an additional 10 ships and support vessels helped to seal-off the area around the training zone. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ Listen to us on Soundcloud: RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

Inside-Out on BuzcastTV Inside-Out

"Inside Out" on Digital HD

After young Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house, and school. Pre-order your copy of "Inside Out" today on iTunes.

Pixar on BuzcastTV Pixar

Give Them the Gift of Laughter - Welcome to Monsters University

In the early years, few could have dreamed that someday the best students in the world would come to the beautiful Monsters University campus to seek their futures. Over the centuries, generations of legends have stomped, slid, and slimed through the Quad. Today, Monsters University continues a tradition of academic excellence, groundbreaking research, development of the next generation of leadership, and the relentless pursuit of monster potential. See for yourself what life is really like at Monsters University, now available for HD Digital download.

Comedy on BuzcastTV Comedy

Seniors & Technology

Brett Druck on Laughs, airing now on Fox stations. Subscribe to the Laughs YouTube channel for more great stuff like this.

Technology on BuzcastTV Technology

LG's connected sound bar impresses

The LG Music Flow LAS751M is a dynamite package with cutting-edge features, sophisticated performance and a great price.

Derby-FC on BuzcastTV Derby-FC

DERBY COUNTY 3-2 HUDDERSFIELD | 2014/15 Match Highlights

DERBY COUNTY 3-2 HUDDERSFIELD | 2014/15 Match Highlights Watch the highlights from the game at the iPRO Stadium as Derby County Beat Huddersfield Town 3-2, with Jordan Ibe, Johnny Russell and Simon Dawkins all getting on the score sheet. To watch... From: Derby County Football Club Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:59 More in Sports

Music-Hub on BuzcastTV

Dangerous by David Guetta ft Sam Martin | EASY Violin Tutorial

***OPEN ME FOR LINKS/INFO*** SUBSCRIBE HERE: - Subscribe to my performance channel: - Violin PERFORMANCE video: - The SHEET MUSIC I'm using: - EASY piano tutorial video: - My online music shop: - Playlist Link to my other 'EASY Violin Tutorials': ----------------------------------------------------------------- BELOW are violins on Amazon.com I recommend. Mendini MV Range - Really good cheap starter violins:- Mendini MV 200: Mendini MV 300: Mendini MV 400: Mendini MV 500: Cecilio CVN range - for beginners:- Cecilio CVN 100: Cecilio CVN 200: Cecilio CVN 300: For the Intermediate player:- Cecilio CVN 400: Cecilio CVN 500: For the advanced player:- Cecilio CVN 600: Cecilio CVN 700: Cecilio CVN 800 - This one is excellent top of the line, but i cant find a link. Stentor Violin: Stentor II (1500): MY VIOLIN REVIEWs are all here: Amazon.co.uk Links to violins: Stentor II: BLOG SITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: TEACHING WEBSITE: For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

Alternative-Rock on BuzcastTV Alternative-Rock

Strange Creatures (Audio) - Jake Bugg

Christian-Channel on BuzcastTV Christian-Channel

River Baptism! TellTheWorld

It's COLD and rainy, but that didn't stop my new brother in Christ, Scott from wanting to be baptized in the river! Scott has walked a hard road with a lot of pain. Somebody showed him one of my videos and it touched his heart. He came to one of the revivals, God moved, and he gave his life to Jesus! He's been reading his Bible and following God's call ever since that night. Today I had the honor of baptizing him. What a cool morning!!! Leave a comment in love for our brother, Scott!! #TellTheWorld FB: Instagram: Shirts: Novels: Booking Email: info@claytonjennings.com Website: SUBSCRIBE/COMMENT/SHARE

Cover-Bands on BuzcastTV Cover-Bands

Sugar (Maroon 5) - Sam Tsui & Jason Pitts Acoustic Cover

Sugar (Maroon 5) - Sam Tsui & Jason Pitts Acoustic Cover Grab "Sugar" on iTunes here: Subscribe for music, blogs, and more! From: TheSamTsui Views: 301 965 ratings Time: 03:51 More in Music

Television on BuzcastTV Television

CSI: - Forever Alone

While Sara and Gil confront the broken heart behind a recent string of bombings, Catherine, Greg and Morgan attempt to disarm his elaborate setup of car bombs in a nearby parking structure. Subscribe to the "CSI" Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes of "CSI" HERE: Follow "CSI" on Instagram HERE: Like "CSI" on Facebook HERE: Play "CSI: Hidden Crimes" on Facebook HERE: Follow "CSI" on Twitter HERE: Follow "CSI" on Google+ HERE: Find "CSI" on Google Play HERE: Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free!

New-Wave-Music on BuzcastTV New-Wave-Music

Electric 2014 USA (Vevo Tour Exposed) - Pet Shop Boys

Outer-Space on BuzcastTV Outer-Space

Weekly Space Hangout - Sept 25, 2015: Maggie Scholtz, Mars Rover Drill System Engineer

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guests: Maggie Scholtz (@martianmagster), who is a Mechanical Engineer working at JPL. She worked on the Curiosity Rover, primarily on the development of the drill and sampling system. Guests: Paul Sutter (pmsutter.com / @PaulMattSutter / AskaSpaceman.com) Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @MorganRehnberg ) Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www.astroguyz.com) This Week’s Stories: Colliding Black Holes The Fact and Fiction of Martian Dust Storms Total Lunar Eclipse Amazing Video of an Exoplanet in Motion More Pluto, take 3: Can it get any better?? Rosetta reveals comet’s water-ice cycle Boeing Rejects Aerojet-Rocketdyne Bid for ULA and Affirms Vulcan Rocket Support, Lockheed Martin Noncommittal NASA Wants Hoverboard Company Arx Pax To Build A Tractor Beam China Conducts Debut Launch of Long March 6 Astronomers Identify a New Mid-size Black Hole Agreement Signed for MICADO Camera for E-ELT Pairs of Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies May Be Rarer Than Previously Thought From flight crew to Flight: NASA names its first astronaut-turned-flight director Remembering the Vela Incident The Key to Colonizing Mars Could Be These Tiny Green Microbes SLS manifest options aim for Phobos prior to 2039 Mars landing ULA selects Orbital ATK’s GEM 63/63 XL SRBs for Atlas V and Vulcan boosters Boeing identifies CST-100 prime landing sites Rosetta reveals comet’s water-ice cycle NIST Team Breaks Distance Record for Quantum Teleportation Researchers: Hot, Dense Material Surrounds O-type Star with Largest Magnetic Field Known Sagittarius A: Milky Way’s Black Hole Shows Signs of Increased Chatter Too big for its boots: black hole is 30 times expected size A new study suggests the universe was ‘cooked’ just right as it evolved. Hubble Zooms in on Shrapnel from an Exploded Star ESA team wins America’s Cup of rocket science New ‘stealth dark matter’ theory may explain mystery of the universe’s missing mass Perplexing Pluto: New ‘Snakeskin’ Image and More from New Horizons Eleven year cosmic search leads to black hole rethink Gigantic Ice Slab Found on Mars Just Below the Planet’s Surface NASA Thrusters Propelled by New Green Propellants Complete Milestones IceCube Collaboration Announces New Observations on Cosmic Neutrinos and Dark Matter Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Will Measure More Than 30 Million Galaxies and Quasars Synchrotron Emission Will Allow Astronomers to Find Stars That No One Has Seen Before Solar wind casts a reddish hue over rocky objects Antihydrogen at CERN, 20 years and going strong How to put neutrons into a twist: The orbital angular momentum of neutrons has been measured and controlled for the first time by researchers in Canada and the US. NASA astronaut, five years after a bike accident cost him a ride into space, gets his chance We record the Weekly Space Hangout every Friday at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern. You can watch us live on Google+, Universe Today, or the Universe Today YouTube page. You can join in the discussion between episodes over at our Weekly Space Hangout Crew group in G+, and suggest your ideas for stories we can discuss each week!

Philosophical-Mind on BuzcastTV Philosophical-Mind

Is Rick from Rick & Morty The Ideal Scientist? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Rick and Morty! Tweet us! Idea Channel Facebook! Talk about this episode on reddit! Idea Channel IRC! Email us! pbsideachannel [at] gmail [dot] com Rick Sanchez, the erratic scientist from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is nothing short of brilliantly talented, but his crazy antics and experiments place him on a scientific fringe. So much so, that some may even consider Rick to not be a scientist at all. But are his anarchic methods representative of what an ideal scientist should be? On this weeks episode of Idea Channel, Mike questions what makes the perfect scientist and if the scientific method is too restrictive in the pursuit of knowledge. Comment Responses to "If There Are No Pics, Did It Happen?" Mental Floss Failed Inventions: Tweet Of The Week! / Idea Channel Record Wall Playlist: ----------------------------------------­---------------------------- ASSET LINKS: 1:38 Scientism 3:22 How To Teach 3:44 Art 5:16 Art or Science? 8:17 Film Crit ----------------------------------------­---------------------------- Music: "Europe" by Roglok ( ) "Level 5" by Room for the Homeless ( "Bouncy Castle" by Roglok ( ) ":P" by Roglok ( ) "Squarehead" by Roglok ( ) "Number Cruncher" by Roglok ( ) "Little Birthday Acid" by Roglok ( ) "Topskore" by Roglok ( ) "Anti Vanishing Spray" by Roglok ( ) "Tarty Prash" by Roglok ( ) "Carry on Carillon" by Roglok ( ) "Uptown Tennis Club" by Roglok ( ) "Squarehead" by Roglok ( ) "Dream Of Autumn" by Night Shift Master "Insert Toy For Coin" by Eatme ( "Dizor" by Outsider "Lets go back to the rock" by Outsider "Something like this" by Outsider ----------------------------------------­---------------------------- Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) (who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound: Made by Kornhaber Brown ( )

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SOY YO-BOMBA ESTEREO Choreography by Anze

Bomba Estereo- Soy Yp Choreography by Anze Skrube Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles CA

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WOLF's Reviews EMR Paintball Field

WOLF's Reviews EMR Paintball Field In our NEW Series for 2015 we will be going Over in Detail the fields I visit, and Showing the WORLD The different types of fields you can play in!! Check out EMR BELOW: From: thewolfsden Views: 5374 258 ratings Time: 07:19 More in Sports

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How to Switch Android to iPhone in Minutes

Learn how to switch from Android to iPhone in just a few minutes using the new move to iOS app that supports iOS 9 and will help you easily upgrade to the iPhone 6s 6 or iPhone 6s Plus and older devices.

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learn to turn with a defender on your back

learn to turn with a defender on your back please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE on FACEBOOK and FOLLOW on TWITTER (sound was wrong on the old one) This is a step over turn and is very effective to beat a player on ... From: STRskillSchool Views: 1092122 2163 ratings Time: 01:04 More in Howto & Style

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Hossa banks puck in off Lehtonen's back

Chicago Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa takes a shot from behind the goal line that goes off the back of Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen.

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2015 ISU Junior Grand Prix - Logroño Ladies Free Skate Kristina SHKULETA-GROMOVA EST

Subscribe now to the ISU YouTube channel: Follow the ISU: Like the ISU: Instagram: For schedules, results and skater information/bios visit the ISU.org at: The ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating consists of seven events, Bratislava, Slovakia: from August 20-22 followed by the events in Latvia- August 26-30, USA- September 2-5, Austria -September 9-13, Poland - September 24-26, Spain - October 1-3, Croatia - October 8-10. The top six skaters/couples of the series in each category will advance to the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final in Barcelona, Spain (December 11 to 14).

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MOST HAUNTED PLUCKLEY VILLAGE REAL PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Our paranormal website most haunted Village in England where many ghosts have been spotted For this episode we went to... From: dorset ghost hunters paranormal Views: 190593 1261 ratings Time: 22:20 More in Entertainment

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Weed Control: Cracks/Crevices

Here is the DIY Download on Weed Control in Cracks and Crevices. DIY YouTube Channel: Subscribe to DIY on YouTube: Follow DIY on Twitter: Like DIY on Facebook:

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Favorite Cheer Extreme Sr Elite moment from last year?

Follow us on Instagram @JTNANG and Twitter @JTMONEY1967 for all your Cheer Extreme Video Updates!

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Barnaby Barford: The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is composed of 3,000 individual bone china buildings depicting a real London shop. The photographs were created as ceramic transfers and fired onto fine bone china to produce the individual shops. The Tower reflects London’s society and economy, inviting visitors to view themselves as consumers. At its base the shops are derelict, while at its pinnacle are London’s exclusive boutiques and galleries, with the Tower appearing more precarious towards the top. Standing as a monument to the British pastime of shopping, Barford’s ceramic Tower likens efforts to find fulfillment through consumerism with the biblical Tower of Babel’s attempt to reach heaven. Each of the 3,000 individual shop fronts that feature in The Tower of Babel are available to purchase through the V&A Shop during the course of its display. thetowerofbabel.vandashop.com Free display 8 September - 1 November 2015 Room 50a, Medieval & Renaissance Galleries

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How To Build A V-Taper Fast

Get six pack abs in record time: What's up ya'll it' Jonny with Six Pack Shortcuts firstly let me THANK YOU for welcoming me to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel to share with you my fitness experiences and tips I picked up along the way through my experiences with athletics as well as competing - So first, let's talk about the V-TAPER. The desirable look that both girls and guys love. The V-taper essentially is a broad shoulder span and wide back plus a small waist. So I want to explain to you guys the best two exercises that YOU can do to build this look yourself. -- Video breakdown: 1:10 - Let's start with the pull-up. All grips are great but the common thing I notice among those who do pull-ups is that they have terrible form, they may be using momentum, not getting full contractions - pretty much just wasting their time cheating themselves out of achieving the v-taper look themselves. 1:43 - So what I'm going to do for you today is I am going to show you how to perform the perfect pull-up with ideal form. This way you can give it a try the right way next time you're at the gym 2:02 - Now let's examine the variety of grips. You can overhand, underhand, shoulder width, wide width, ultra narrow. There's even partial reps, kipping, etc. There are many variations but if your GOAL is to build the v-taper back, then you can't be using your biceps or your momentum to perform this movement. We'll have to stick to slow and controlled full range reps. 2:50 - There will be bicep activation however all of the strength and the tension should be pulling with your lats. So my recommendation is for you to perform pull-ups WIDE. To directly target the lats! 3:24 - Aside from my wide grip tip, my second tip is that you MUST perform the movements with complete, full range of motion here. No partials here - Not for the V-taper. Concentrating on contracting each portion of your back musculature. 4:39 - The next thing I want to mention is that if you can not even complete one pull-up, it's OK. Come in and just try. Try with the correct form, activating your lats to best you can. Before you know it, you'll be strong enough to complete a couple reps and then, full sets. 5:37 - The next best exercise is going to be your cable lat pull-downs. Now there are A LOT of great back exercises that can develop your lat but in my experiences, these are the absolute best two. 6:18 - Now the best tip I ever got when it came to performing the pull-up is to pretend that your hands are hooks and you are cupping them over the bar, and using your lats to pull your body upwards, not your wrist or grip. 6:48 - You want to get your chest as close as you can to the bar while squeezing your lats. Coordinating your breathing with the reps will help even more. 7:15 - I promise, once you start applying pull-ups to your back routine your lats are going to start popping and your waistline will begin appearing smaller. 7:35 - Now that I have shown you guys how to do the proper pull-up, I want you guys to practice it for the next week and then by my next episode, I will have my workout video of me doing my full-on V-taper workout ready to share - it'll be no joke! -- Hope ya'll learned a little bit today! Stay tuned for the next video where we hit the actual workout. Fastest way to get ripped fast (It's science): Thanks again for tuning in this week. It is truly an honor to be able to represent some of the greatest mentors in the fitness industry here at Six Pack Shortcuts and I am glad to know that ya'll are right here with me. Changing your body is not easy, but I promise you - it's going to be worth it... Trust me! How to get shredded, simplified: -Jonny And don't forget to share this video with your friends on Facebook:

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Yellow Blossoms Speed Painting

Here is a speed painting of a Paint It Simply technique. Visit our Paint It Simply YouTube page for over 200 full length educational painting videos. Learn to paint with just a few colors and brushes. Have a great painting day!

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[ITA] AQA 35 - Review - The Boat Show

Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos! The Boat Show YouTube channel: The Boat Show Facebook: Subscribe now! Weekly updates!

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iHeart Radio Las Vegas Music Festival | Star Moments: Rachel Bloom

Rachel Bloom previews Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, premiering October 12 at 8/7c, at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. SUBSCRIBE: About The CW: Official YouTube Channel for the CW Television Network featuring Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, , The Flash, Jane the Virgin, and iZombie. Connect with The CW Online: Visit The CW WEBSITE: Like The CW on FACEBOOK: Follow The CW on TWITTER: Follow The CW on INSTAGRAM: Follow The CW on TUMBLR: Add The CW on GOOGLE+: Follow The CW on PINTEREST:

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CLICK ABOVE TO GET THE MOST DETAILED HOW TO VIDEOS EVER MADE! SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE! THUMBS UP FOR MORE VIDEOS! PLAYLISTS LINKS FOR MOBILE USERS learn to skate: SKATE SUPPORT CLIPPED slow motion top videos Clip of the week Follow the directions in this video to submit your videos for Skate Support- Please help me out by commenting, and subscribing it really really helps me out a lot! FACEBOOK: GOOGLE +: TWITTER: RSS SUBSCRIBE: Thanks, Aaron Kyro

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The 2016 LINE SKIS Chronic

Find our more here: LEGENDARY QUICK, SOLID, RELIABLE FEEL, IN A SHOCKINGLY LIGHT & PLAYFUL CONSTRUCTION FOR THROWING TRICKS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Line's Chronic skis lightweight construction mixed with bombproof materials creates the standard from which all other freestyle skis are compared. It’s construction is much lighter, & more nimble than other freestyle skis for quicker, easier tricks, in & outside the park. We spiced it up with just the right amount of Early Rise for enhanced float in soft snow, which also provides added tip control for buttering like a pro. If you want a freestyle ski that will destroy the park with lightening fast reflexes, yet maintain the precision & versatility to shred everywhere else on the hill, you want the Chronic yo! CONSTRUCTION: Capwall™ Thin Tip™ Maple Macroblock™ Fivecut™ Symmetric Flex™ Early Rise™ Sintered Fatty Base & Edge™ SPECS: Waist Width mm: 92 Length cm: 164, 171, 178, 185 Shape mm: 121-92-117 Sidecut m: 19 (178cm) Stance mm: -40 Weight: 1,798 g/ski (178cm) Profile mm: 2-5-2 (Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)

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Ashtanga Yoga Closing Postures, Halasana with Kino on Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Ashtanga Yoga Closing Postures, Halasana with Kino on Waiheke Island, New Zealand The Closing Postures of Ashtanga Yoga are an important part of daily practice. They help seal in the deep cleansing work of the pract... From: KinoYoga Views: 12683 165 ratings Time: 04:44 More in Sports

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Wedding Planner - Events by 7

Wedding Planner - Events by 7 Events by 7 uses passion and complimentary design styles to work with couples to make their big day special. This wedding incorporates the couple's love of B... From: Ideas to I Do Views: 174 2 ratings Time: 03:52 More in Howto & Style

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